Stories of Winning the Jackpotmake money online

Stories of Winning the Jackpotmake money online

We all have stories about how we met the one and how we became the significant other of another person. But for gamblers, there are the elusive jackpot-winning stories that are just juicy and inspiring for the rest of us. If you are looking for the real ‘dream makers’ then the award goes to progressive jackpots.


Celeste has been working for years in their family business which deals with equipment rentals. And just recently, she decided to sell the company.

Six months ago, her mother gave her a lucky pendant that she was certain it was responsible for the win. In addition, her father gave her a $100 bill for the trip and told her to use that money to buy chips for herself.

Now, he thinks it was the $100 that was responsible for the jackpot.

She and her parents went to a casino in Vegas which was a very magical night for Celeste. Every game she chose to play would always result to a win whether it’s playing the slot machines, craps and other table games until she decided to play at the Wheel of Fortune.

When they hit a $10,000 win, her mom told her that she just won $10,000! But she knows exactly what was happening and Celeste said, “I think I just hit the progressive jackpot!” She kept playing throughout the evening until her mom came to fetch her father who was out gambling somewhere in the area. And when they came back at 2AM, Celeste was a winner of a $1,195,974 jackpot!

Immediately, the hotel personnel moved them to the penthouse suite and they were all excited that her mom even called her brother to come over quickly to Vegas from Albany.

Her parents have always loved gambling and they were very happy that their daughter won a huge prize!

It was a very lucky night for Celeste and her family. They celebrated till morning in the hotel suite. Her parents argued a bit about which lucky charm worked, the pendant or the $100 bill, but Celeste said they were both lucky and were responsible for the win.

A little bit of superstition can work a bit of magic for every gambler, so it seems.